SMT double splice tape

COLOR: blue ,yellow ,black ,
SPEC: 16MM.8MM.12MM,24MM
Application: SMT product line
Special: really holes on it
Type: Insulation tape

Product Description:
Splice tape is used to join SMT component reels.This will increase manufacutring productivity and reduce operational costs.
1)A fast ,precise way to connect smt component reels .
2)Increase Pick & Place Machine output by 5%-30%.
3)Use all componts on the carrier tape.
4)Reduce reel change downtime
5)Decrease abrasion by reducing the need to reload the feeder.

Features: (smt splice tape)
1) Colors available: yellow, blue, black(ESD)
2) TapeSize: 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm
3) Guarantee perfect and reliable joints in 8mm punched SMD tapes
4) Joining carrier tapeis accomplished without any tools or fixtures, with precise pitch spacing,using convenient, pre-cut lengths of tape.
Inner packing:500pcs/box